Loyalty Program App
which gives small businesses competitive edge for growth.

The App allows shoppers to support small businesses while earning points for every visit and referral.



Why sbc club?


Earn point at each purchase

As shoppers, you have your own version of the app, SBC Customer. Simply log in to your app to see your favorite local businesses that have joined the community and earn points every time you make a purchase. Restuarants, pharmacies, beauty salons, bakerie, gyms, and many more small businesses are the type of business that are members of SBC Club.

Gift cards

Buy gift cards

In just a couple of clicks,
you can buy a gift card and send a link to your friend for Birthdays or any other occasions.
This allows your friend to choose among several local businesses within the community to use their gift card.


Refer your friends and earn even more point

You can earn additional one-time referral points by referring your friends to any business within the community. What makes Small Business Community unique is the fact that you can earn points by buying from one business and redeem them at a different business if you wish. The only condition is the business is a member of the club.

Business Owners

Why sbc club?

More customer visits

Did you know that 79% of customers are more likely to continue buying from you if you have a reward system? SBC Business app presents an easy-to-use loyalty program to encourage more customer return.

Exposure to new potential customers

Your logo and business name will be placed on SBC customer App home page. This gives you a continuous free advertisement and exposure to potential new customers. Check our presentation for more info.

More new customers

Acquiring new customers is more difficult and more expensive than selling to existing ones. SBC Business app is the state of the art solution to increase your customer base by awarding referral points.

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